ACG San Diego CEO Circle Launches

ACG San Diego and John Morris, Chairman of Hamilton Grant, have launched the CEO Circle.

CEO Circle is a group of 16 - 20 top CEOs who collaborate on corporate growth, raising capital and M&A with the help of Morris's experienced guidance. 

Many CEO’s find themselves unable to get access to other CEOs for advice, strategic discussions and connection. It's lonely at the top. CEOs spend the vast majority of their time managing teams, customers, operations and finances. The CEO Circle provides:

  • Invaluable advice on scaling, access to growth capital and preparation for exit
  • Educational opportunities with expert panels on quarterly basis
  • Candid feedback that often exposes blind spots in a CEO's point of view or belief
  • Peer-to-peer collaboration
  • Non-solicitation policy
  • Ability to sanity check ideas and avoid costly mistakes
  • Confidentiality and unbiased support
  • Fun and friendly interaction
  • Network of fellow CEOs who often become lifelong friends
Morris has nearly 40 years of diverse executive experience including, leadership experience in venture capital, investing, corporate and financial management:

Vistage Chair
Tech Coast Angels - LA Chapter Co-Founder
GKM Ventures - Managing Partner
First Interstate Venture Corporation
Investment Banking
NewCAP Partners

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