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How is HG different from other broker-dealers?

HG was founded and is operated by entrepreneurs. That means we strive to:

  • Listen to understand the goal before working on the solution.
  • Respond to Affiliates quickly and clearly.
  • Simplify complex issues.
  • Proactively mitigate risks.
  • Collaborate with other professionals and serve as connectors. 
How is HG compensated?

Our services are cost-efficient and predictable:

  • Fixed fee for compliance and administrative services.
  • Reimbursement of broker-dealer costs to maintain securities registrations, plus a small service fee.
  • Revenue participation in fees collected by Affiliate for broker-dealer related activity.
Does my firm have to operate as Hamilton Grant?

No. HG Affiliates operate as their own brands. However, legal agreements related to securities transactions are 3-party agreements between the Affiliate, the Affiliate’s client and Hamilton Grant. 
Does HG help professionals get registered by FINRA?

HG helps HG Affiliate firms with the FINRA registration process for their junior bankers and new hires. HG does not sponsor prospective Affiliates who are not members of HG Affiliate firms with FINRA registration. 
Where does HG operate?

Our Affiliates are located nationwide. 

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